Date: 2019-12-18

Table of Contents

General exam overview 📹10:27


Exam dates 📹51:27

How to book for the exam if I see the wrong course name? 📹49:51 📹52:30

If you see the wrong exam name do not panic, there is no need to do anything just book the exam you see but be sure to come to the right exam date based on your actual exam you want to take.

When do we receive bonus and battle presentation marks? 📹39:28 📹53:56

Role marks will be given together with battle presentation marks.

For any particular corner case is usually ok, just ask with an email 📹1:09:00

When to attend the exam? 📹25:03 📹29:17 📹1:10:27

Each part of the exam can be taken in any regular exam call.

Oral case study

Details about oral case study 📹13:12

10 minutes presentation + 5 minutes questions (2-3 questions).

There’s no specific template for the slides and how the presentation should go. Make a high analysis of some topics we covered and regarding innovation and entrepreneurship.
We encourage to pick a different topic from the one of your battle unless you have something really relevant to add.

All the case study assignment has a context (before bold), then in bold, there is the task to do, later there are key guide questions that help you in building the presentation.

Is the oral exam only about the case study? 📹17:11

Yes, but it could be useful to be able to link to the lecture topics.

Do we need references in the oral case study? 📹18:03

Yes, in the last slide you should put references.

What makes an oral case study good? 📹18:46

It needs to be plausible. If you show to us that what you are proposing is realistic and grounded in current frames, the case study is good. If you focus on one paper, this isn’t good. Also, the presentation needs to be dynamic and include critical thinking.

What does it mean that the case study needs to be plausible? 📹20:38

It means that you are answering the questions proposed and creating a context around the development of your idea.

What if the case study does not go well? 📹22:33

Retry! But, if the mark is good but not perfect, we kindly ask you to not retry it forever until you get a perfect mark, just for the sake of time. If you really need a perfect mark then it is ok to retry even if the mark is not that bad.

Examples of possible questions? 📹30:09

→ See the video

Do we have time to think after the questions are made? 📹33:04

Yes, some seconds, but keep in mind that the question/answer time is 5 minutes. We will ask at most 1 question per person in the jury (usually 2-3 jury members).

Presentation slides 📹41:06

Send the slides in pdf format by the day before the exam and you will find them on a computer the day of the exam. If you use other formats is ok, submit the instructions to make it work but provide a pdf in case something goes wrong.


When is the deadline for the report? 📹28:05

12th of January at 23:59 CET
The deadline is the same for all the battles

The deadline can be delayed until February only if all the members of the group agree.

Mark distribution for the battle 📹39:09

Every member has the same mark, plus one point for every member of the winning team