Battle 5 - Cyborgs vs Genetic augmentation

Date: 2019-12-04

Table of Contents

Playing open cards 📹0:00

In this battle, people will vote multiple times throughout the presentations and the debate and the questions will be targeted to keep the balance between the two groups.

Overview 📹8:38

We are in a distant future in which each people can decide whether to be cyborgs or genetically augmented (or neither). In this future the technology is so advanced that this type of operations can be afforded by the large majority of the population, to make a comparison the procedure should roughly cost as much as a good smartphone today.

Cyborgs 📹11:57

Health sector

The health sector is the top priority of the health sector, we want to eliminate disability. We have 3 main parts:

With cyborg parts we can eliminate disabilities, people can recover from incidents, we can monitor the body health with nano cells and we can have brain-controlled robotics.

We work with the government to get Cytech into medical insurance so that everyone can use it. Customisation is also a premium offer for cosmetics.


Machines are much more capable than a biological body. We will be able to fly, jump higher and run faster. The body augmentation is not only sending signals to body parts but also receiving it. You might change your lungs to climb the mount Everest, or have a mermaid tail.


We provide next-level security. You may have an implemented internet module in your brain so that you are always connected. The organs are offline so they can’t be hacked.
You can convey all of your ideas and thoughts with accuracy allowing a brain to brain communication of thoughts and sensation to other people.


Improved productivity by increasing our cognitive and physical performance. There’s not a problem with machines replacing men’s jobs because they live in harmony.

Ethics and Society

By not changing the DNA, we are keeping the identity of humans and people.

You should go cyborg so that you can break the limits, make use of the power of technology by using the full power of ICT and mimic natural organs, we can easily scale up, we create an identity and keep ourselves.

Sports and competitions

Sports and Olympics should be changed and contemplate different categories [for both teams]

Human Enhancement - Why choose to be a Genetically Modified Human? 📹29:59

Imagine if you could not only change your strength but also your human relationships by being able to have increased empathy.

Industries will still use robots to repetitive tasks but as humans, we will have more time to dedicate to creativity and innovation. We will also reduce workplace hazards. We can increase skills/performance/productivity.

Health sector

In the medical area, we will be able to cure every disease, treat infertile families, trans people and another example we will be able to eradicate antibiotic-resistant bacteria. We can create artificial organs with your own cells. The therapygenetics studies the impact of genes on mental diseases.

Ethical boundaries

Regarding ethical boundaries, your modifications need to be justified, psychological requirements and consequences need to be informed and under 18 years old only for health purposes.

Civil order

Regarding civil order, we will have trained and specialised security corps. We will have Specific Genetic Modifications (GM) for rehabilitation such as have more empathy and facilitate inclusion in society.


The population will be able to live longer and better. We can deal with the exploitation of resources by decreasing the nutrients we need and optimise our digestive processes. Overpopulation can be address by limiting the maximum age of a human to 150~200 years


You can be smarter, more strength and keep your human essence and we need to keep this by enforcing human relationships.

Sports and competitions

Sports and Olympics should be changed and contemplate different categories [for both teams]

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