Ethics and social innovation

Date: 2019-11-25

Table of Contents

Ethics 📹0:00

Ethics is a branch of philosophy asking what is right and what is wrong with some characteristics:

Ethics is a field that needs to be considered from a business perspective because customers judge companies and brands based on their own ethics.

Ethics in Innovation and ICT 📹13:28

The realm of ICT creates a third realm of problems such as information, intellectual property and others. People don’t realise how much power information entails.

Examples of ethical problems in ICT 📹19:35

What makes an innovation good? Addressing ethicals problems has they come.

Is technology neutral? 📹39:10

Some of the points risen were:

Are there emotional machines? 📹45:30

We should part from defining what is actually being emotional:

Some answers to this questions were:

Designer’s Intent 📹55:27

The idea is that each object has a function which reflects the designer’s intent for it. If there are no designer’s intent there’s no meaningful object. It is the mismatch between how the designer sees the object and the user that creates the ethical problems.

“From Kant to ISO” 📹59:06

Having a class between two different mental models happens because there is a time till which the philosophical basis go to ISOs. There is a pipeline Philosophy → Politics → Policy → Standard → Product design that requires time for an idea to flow through.

Trust the machine - do we have a choice? 📹01:03:03

What can we do about this? Accept that it’s going to change with time and we need to be ready to adapt. Policymaking.

Policymaking 📹1:13:28

Policy is a set of rules that describe how a behaviour/process should be done. It is different from an algorithm because it doesn’t define instructions and sequences but guidelines.
Politics is about formalising the ethical context we are in. It is a process that enables a dialog within society. Politics defines what policies you create and how you implement it.

Social Innovation 📹1:18:12

Social Innovation is about changing a common sense that is shared with society. One example can public transportation, it moved the power from the few and gave access to everyone, despite of their social and economic status. For example, after Facebook, it is OK (and considered safe) to share your real identity information over the internet while this wasn’t true 2 decades ago. Universal Basic Income can also be one, because the basic Maslow’s pyramid needs will be met. Digitalisation is also a new one because it gives a voice for everyone who has access to the internet.

There are 3 types of views for how we can view social innovation:

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility 📹1:34:14

CSR is the policy of companies (mandatory or not) made to become more socially active.

Example: Once per year a marathon is organized to raise money to build schools or to improve socially relevant infrastrustures